About Us

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Hues of Gold Goldens  is a name that prides itself on Ethics & Honesty. We are breeders that breed for Health & Type (strong bone, structure and head); Providing our clients with a puppy that has Health tested Parents. Our British Cream Golden Retrievers are tested under OFA, BVA, AHT & Optigen. We believe in GOOD neighbors therefore we began a Basic Obedience puppy Training course and/or show Training for our clients. We have puppy training packages at request. We strive hard at studying genetics of their heritage, growing from the knowledge and facts we find; Putting that in action striving to produce a healthy, well tempered, beautifully designed Golden for you.

We cultivate and nurture our relationships of Golden Retriever breeders breeding under the FCI or Kennel Club standard to better our program. We travel over seas once to twice a year for dogshows. We learn from each other, though we rely on science there are things we can not yet test for such as: Cancer, Epilepsy, Ectopic Ureter to name a few, keeping relationships help us follow history of pedigree lines for health, structure and Geno/pheno type traits.

As we discuss our future plans we always look for Health, Structure, movement and a sculpted head piece.

Hues of Gold has three active handlers working in the AKC & Canadian Show Dog Circuits. We Pride ourselves on Sportsmanship and established working relationships. Many placements have been made with our ‘Cream Golden Shade’ in the AKC shows such as SECOND place at the renowned Westminster DogShow 2014, Winners Dog, Best of Opposite , Select Dog , Winners Dog (WD) @ our local MidNight Sun Golden Retriever Specialty, Reserve Winners Dog (RWD) at The Regional Specialty FL 2012, and many more.

I have had many requests of who we have had success showing under being as the cream coated ‘Shade of Gold’ is seemingly difficult to title. Breed Judges we have placed under @ AKC events: Mr. Jeffrey G. Pepper: Author of ‘The Golden Retriever’  (if you’d like a signed copy email him).