Dudley Britagne

20140424-183343.jpg 20140402-180110.jpg 20140402-180226.jpg Dudley… to say a few words to describe our devoted friend: loyal, keeper, best Greeter around, always Happy, Tigger, lover, friend to all (knows no stranger), BALL hog, loves to retrieve, a gentle giant and last but not to mean lease of important A brilliant head of brains! We love you Sir Dudley. Thankful for his presence in our days, giving us new light into any situation with that Happy Go Lucky Attitude and kind hearted eyes! 20140402-180046.jpg 20140402-180126.jpg 20140402-180141.jpg 20140402-180250.jpg 20140402-180358.jpg 20140402-180430.jpg 20140402-180503.jpg