Our Journey


 Hello from Hues of Gold Goldens! We reside on the Kenai Peninsula about 3 hours south of Anchorage, Alaska. My love for Goldens goes back to 1995 when I first met Biscuit. She owned my late husbands family in Mission Viejo, CA. What a Gorgeous and loving girl. I had known from that point I would seek to own a Goldie maybe half as wonderful as she. In Nov. 2002 we received our Sir Lance A lot Bradley Joe Mudrick. My children and I were struggling very deeply with the loss of my husband when Bradley (A.K.A: Bubba Joe) entered our lives. I have to say he was the rescuer of our hearts. Today Bradley is 10.5 years young and still serving children, now residing with my oldest daughter, her husband Marcus & my two gorgeous grand babies. A soul mate he is! Through our time of having Bradley we thought he needed a friend, we announced the arrival of our O’Hana Aloha (A.K.A: Hana) to Bradley in the Spring of 2004. He was in Heaven to meet his lovely blonde friend. From this point are hearts had melted for the British Style Golden. The black pigment, eye’s that appeared to have eye liner on, the expressions and elegance that followed are a few to sum up how our hearts were captured by this style of Golden. We love the stature and drive this style of Golden has …”fit for function” indeed! An amazing season sprung up in our lives as the good Lord brought life back into my bones & sent me heaven on earth Heath Fulk. We soon Married on August 28th, 2004. Love is in the Air and Adventures before us. In a short time the breeder of Hana had asked if I could help her. She had developed a rare eye disease that would place her blind in a matter of time. She wanted to have a safety net for her daughter to continue in the breed after her here in the USA and had asked if we would be willing to help. Our breeder moved back to Sweden. We then announced our Hoalie to our home @ the age of 6 months old. We had never in our dreams thought we would become breeders of this amazing British style of goldens. He was a great Blessing to add to our home, now owned by three goldens it was like the saying goes “Goldens are like a bag of potato chips, you can’t just have one.” We lost contact with our breeder through time and hope that she is well. Here we are now striving hard to better our program daily by researching, training; being schooled, studying the breed by attending dog shows abroad and locally, and meeting some pretty amazing Golden Lovers from around the globe. I am blessed with a handful of mentors that continue to help and support me in my endeavors. Breeding is a science and in that one has to study. We are breeders that strive to be distinctive in what we do. Please stay and view our site, meet our human & fur kids! We would be blessed to help you in your search to be owned by a British Type Golden Retriever! Learn and grow with us ;0) Charter Member Logo Copy Right by Lynn Kipps