We provide the following :

Purchasing Puppies from Our Litters Therapy Dogs Grooming Showing Training you how to showcase your English Cream dog. The show world can be very difficult to navigate and is often volatile in nature. Let’s work together on this so you can feel comfortable and confident showing your beautiful dogs.

We provide Goldens for therapy needs such as PTSD. We currently have three goldens working with Military Active duty servicemen with PTSD. Hues of Gold regards our Military with high regards. We have several working relationships with parents that have Autistic children. Goldens serve as great companion for emotional and physical needs. Hues of Gold has established great working relationships sharing our Champion pedigreed lines with many Golden Retriever Ethical breeders around the USA Canada & onto New Zealand. Our puppies reside through out the USA … New York, New Hampshire, Maryland, Washington DC, West Virginia, Washington, Oklahoma, Ohio, Georgia, Missouri, Alabama, Texas, Idaho, Alaska, Pensilvania, Oregon, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Colorado, Cali, Mississippi, Louisiana, Michigan, New Mexico and more! IMG_5718 (1)